New iPad 3 Lasts Over 25 Hours As An LTE Hotspot [TEST]

The New iPad 3 boasts a battery that is 70 percent larger than the one found in the iPad 2 however despite the extra capacity, it shows similar usage times.

New iPad 3 lasts 25.3 hours as mobile hotspot on Verizon LTE

This was attributed to the fact that it has a more powerful processor, a Retina Display, and that the Verizon variant would be surfing at 4G LTE speeds which has been shown to drain your battery faster than 3G. However the folks over at AnandTech has come across a big advantage the Verizon iPad 3 over many other tablets on the market, its battery lifespan when being used as a mobile hotspot:

“If you have an iPad on Verizon’s LTE network and use it as a personal hotspot (not currently possible on the AT&T version), it will last you roughly 25.3 hours on a single charge. Obviously that’s with the display turned off, but with a 42.5Wh battery driving Qualcomm’s MDM9600 you get tons of life out of the new iPad as a personal hotspot.”

Now this is amazing without a doubt and does bring up the next big question – how long does it take to charge up this bad boy. The folks over at AnandTech will be posting a full New iPad 3 review shortly to reveal these other details. In the meantime, if you have a New iPad, do tell us your experiences with its battery life and charging up times in the comments below.


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