Samsung Galaxy S3 To Run Quad-Core Exynos Processor, Says Samsung Exec [KT]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement feels so close we can taste it. Now as we are flying through the first quarter, an unnamed Samsung executive has told the Korea Times that the highly anticipated followup to the Samsung Galaxy S2 (a.k.a Samsung Galaxy S III) will feature the new quad-core Exynos processors.

Samsung exec reports quad-core Exynos processor in Samsung Galaxy S3

Earlier this year, there were rumors that these chips would be in short supply till later this year, which brings up some interesting questions. Has Samsung found a way to ramp up production or will the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date be pushed to later this fall?

We’ve seen Exynos chips (dual-core at least) used in the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it proved to be far better than just about anything else on the market. So sticking a quad-core variant in the Samsung Galaxy S3 would definitely be a huge improvement and something Samsung may consider even if it means having its fans to have to wait a little longer.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Until then try and refrain from getting too excited about the purported images of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that were leaked before the weekend. We get the feeling that there will be plenty more coming that may prove these to be fake (or at the least semi-fake).

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