Secret Verizon Promotion: Free LTE Phones & Early Upgrades

While AT&T was in court for severely limiting the data limits of its unlimited data plan users, Verizon Wireless has taken a very different approach.

Secret Verizon promotion for heavy users of unlimited data plan

According to a Reddit post by Rileyswims, which was later backed by more Verizon users and even some purported VZW reps, Verizon Wireless is offering early upgrades and even free LTE smartphones to those unlimited data plan holders with heavy usage. This is apparently in a bid to get these heavy data users to move away from the congested 3G networks since Verizon Wireless doesn’t plan on building up on it and focusing on 4G LTE now only.

Unfortunately the promotion looks limited to certain areas only. Here is a post by ‘EvilTonyBlair’ giving some details on Reddit:

“This is an unadvertised South Area (e.g. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc.) promotion for heavy (unlimited) data 3G users that live within a 4G area.

‘heavy’ is defined as using more than 2GB a month with your grandfathered unlimited data plan.

If you live in this area and use between 2GB-5GB then you qualify for a $100 off a 4G LTE Smartphone upgrade, BUT

If you live in this area and use more than 5GB then you qualify for a free 4G LTE Smartphone upgrade (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Razr MAXX, Droid 4, LG Spectrum, etc.)

No, you will retain your unlimited data.”

So if you think you fit in this bracket then call *611 and give it a try. And sound off in the comments below if you’ve had any similar experience with Verizon promotions at this time.


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