AT&T Bullys Unlimited Data Users While Verizon Eggs Them On

There may be a very good reason why Verizon Wireless is the number one carrier in the US. After disturbing news that AT&T was in fact throttling data speeds of its unlimited data plan users when they crossed the 2GB threshold, we saw the carrier dragged to court and lose out to one of its customers.

Verizon takes different approach than AT&t with unlimited data plan users

Verizon Wireless is of course in the same boat as they too don’t offer unlimited data plans anymore and are living with a few users who managed to get grandfathered into them before tiered data options hit the market. So is Verizon Wireless bullying its users as well? No, and apparently it is quite the opposite.

A growing post over on Reddit about a secret Verizon promotion has brought up some interesting details. According to the Redditor who started the post, as well as the many ‘Verizon reps’ who went on to confirm it, Verizon Wireless is offering early upgrades to its heaviest unlimited data plan users. In fact, some are even being offered free smartphones so as to urge them to move over to LTE and lessen the burden on Big Red’s 3G networks.

We already know that Verizon Wireless doesn’t plan to expand its 3G networks any further and instead only focus on LTE, so it is smart to move over the heaviest of users at this time. Here are some interesting excerpts from the growing post over on Reddit:

“If you live in this area and use between 2GB-5GB then you qualify for a $100 off a 4G LTE Smartphone upgrade”

“If you live in this area and use more than 5GB then you qualify for a free 4G LTE Smartphone upgrade (e.g. Galaxy Nexus, Razr MAXX, Droid 4, LG Spectrum, etc.)”

By “this area”, the poster is refering to the South States such as Texas and Arizona. And in case you’re wondering, you still get to keep your unlimited data plan. Now how is that for encouraging you to use your unlimited data plan more!

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