Is This The Slim New Samsung Galaxy S3? [PICS]

As the weeks increase between MWC 2012 and now, the anticipation for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at its very own dedicated event keeps growing. To date, we’ve seen numerous reports giving us everything from rumored specs to even details of its design (ceramic case, super slim).

Purported Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures leaked again

Now with all signs pointing to a summer release with a huge marketing campaign during the London Olympics, new pictures have leaked on to the Web that purportedly show the super-slim Samsung Galaxy S3.

As can be seen from the pictures, it appears to be very thin, has a slight bump where the 12-megapixel camera would supposedly be housed, has a dedicated camera button, is white in color (may be available in color options possibly), and features a very thin bezel to accommodate for the rumored larger HD display.

Given that the recently released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 looks almost identical to the Gingerbread version, it could explain why the UI here looks reminiscent of the S2 and nothing like the Galaxy Nexus which is free of the TouchWiz UI.