New iPad 3 Battery A Whopping 70% Larger Than iPad 2

The folks over at iFixit in usual tradition have torn apart a New iPad 3 and it in it revealed some interesting details.

New iPad 3 features 70% larger battery than iPad 2

While many may be disappointed that it sits at 1GB RAM, the slightly thicker and heavier New iPad 3 boasts a new battery that pretty much eats up all the space there is. We’re talking about a battery that is 70-percent larger.

The iPad 2 boasted a 25-watt-hour Li-ion battery, while the New iPad 3 features a  42.5 watt-hour battery! So what does this mean in terms of usage times? Nothing. The New iPad 3 matches the iPad 2’s ten hours of usage.

So what’s sucking all that extra juice? It could be anything from the higher-resolution Retina Display, to the quad-core graphics processing and 4G LTE data speeds.

So overall expect a richer experience from the New iPad 3 for a good ten hours between charges.


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