[SURVEY] Verizon iPhone Has Faster 3G & Better Signal Than AT&T And Sprint In Boston

With the iPhone making it way to both Sprint and Verizon Wireless last year, those interested in acquiring the Apple phone on contract prices now had a choice other than just AT&T.

Verizon iPhone definitely rules the airwaves in Boston

While in terms of hardware, all three smartphones are technically identical (aside from the CDMA and GSM antennas), the ultimate choice comes down to where you reside and which carrier provides the best reception and data speeds there.

Now Cambridge-based SwayMarkets published their results of a both a signal and speed test between the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon iPhone in the Boston area. The details appeared on Boston.com and can be seen in the handy chart below.

As we can see, the Verizon iPhone boasts the best of both worlds, while AT&T sits at the bottom. So if you live in Boston and are thinking about which carrier to go with when you purchase that iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, Verizon Wireless appears to be the better choice.

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