New iPad 3 Hits eBay Already & Selling Fast

It goes without saying that the new iPad 3 will without a doubt shatter sales records and at the same time, leave many fans waiting weeks for the next-generation tablet to arrive at their doorsteps as demand exceeds supply.

New iPad 3 hits eBay as sellers being to open pre-sales for the tablet

With the new iPad 3 being announced just last week and set to hit stores in only a few days, it comes as no surprise that it has made its way on to eBay and hugely marked up prices.

While many of us would deem the prices as highway robbery, Apple products are one of the few such gadgets in the world where buyers are ready to pay a little extra to get one in their hands before everyone else. Take for instance the listing below which attracted 31 bids and ended at $510. Now before you chalk at the fact it only appears to be $11 higher than what the Apple Store is selling the 16GB iPad 3 at then think again. According to the seller, the bid price is over and above the cost of the actual tablet, which the seller puts at $536.94. So the winning bidder has actually paid $1,046.94 for a 16GB new iPad 3.

The seller states that he will ship the new iPad 3 out on March 16th, if he does in fact receive it on that date from wherever he ordered one from.

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