iPhone 5: One Feature That Has Now Indirectly Been Confirmed

Earlier last week, Apple went ahead and unveiled the iPad 3 and dubbed it the New iPad. Its biggest features were the Retina Display and its powerful GPU, both of which put it ahead of the current competition in the tablet market. At the same time, Apple revealed a bunch of other products like the 1080p capable Apple TV, but left out any details about the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 will join New iPad 3 with 4G LTE connectivity

At this point, nothing is known about the iPhone 5, including its name (could just be the ‘new iPhone’) and its release date (could be summer or follow the new fall schedule started by the 4S). However there was one little feature that the new iPad 3 received which we can now certainly confirm will make its way into the iPhone 5 – LTE connectivity.

We were hearing rumors of an LTE iPhone 5 for many months now and the only negative criticism that opposed it was that Apple may have thought the LTE networks in the US were still in their infancy. However now that the new iPad 3 boasts 4G LTE radios, there is no reason it won’t make it into the iPhone 5, a device that is more used on-the-go than an iPad.

Given that Apple is still referring to the third generation iPad as the New iPad, we get the feeling that the iPhone 5 will also drop the numerology and go with the ‘New’ name. This last bit of course is just speculation. Let’s just hope that this isn’t just a clever marketing stunt like ‘New Coke’ was.

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