Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Whopping 3,800mAh Battery Only $8 + Free Shipping

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and find your Android smartphone running on empty before it hits your nightstand then this may be an ideal solution.

We’ve always disliked extended battery cases for high-end smartphones as it does ruin the design of the device and to be honest, looks like another smartphone glued on to the back of the original. So we really can’t warrant paying such high prices for converting sexy devices into the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery only $8

However if you’re worried that there may be days where your smartphone won’t be able to keep up with you then it is always handy to have one. And now the folks over at Droid-Life have hunted down a deal that we don’t think anyone can pass off – a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3,800mAh extended battery for only $8.

The blog goes on to add that if you use the code 1H7RFK upon checkout, it also throws in free shipping. Now the online store that is offering this promotion, CellularFactory, doesn’t looks as good as the other 3rd party retailers we normally recommend but a 7.96 out of 10 rating on, as well as 1,031 reviews, I went ahead and place an order.

So if you’re worried about getting scammed then hang in there first, I should get my Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery in 2-3 days.