New Android Matches DROID RAZR Kevlar & iPhone 4S Glass With Carbon Fiber & Titanium

As flagship smartphones continue to push the envelope when it comes to using unique materials for finishing, users are not confined to just holding plastic and metal  in their hands.

The iPhone 4 impressed us back in 2010 when Apple revealed its glass rear case. Then the boundaries of design were pushed even further with the Motorola DROID RAZR last year which featured a fiber woven Kevlar rear that feels great in your hand.

So what can we expect next? While there are rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even iPhone 5 may feature a ceramic case, here is something that is already official – the Tag Heuer Racer.

Tag Heuer Racer joins Motorola DROID RAZR & iPhone 4S with unique materials

The Tag Heuer Racer Android smartphone is racing inspired, as the name suggests, and boasts “unparalleled torsion and strength to weight ratio.” While we’ve heard this used for cars in the past, this is used to boast its carbon fiber and titanium based body. No other details have been provided at this point other than that it will be Android-based, has a 3D interface, and a high-speed processor. But that isn’t what buyers of such a smartphone are really looking at. Check out the video below of the Android Tag Heuer Racer.