iPhone 5 Features That Have Been ‘Confirmed’ Thanks To The New iPad 3

Given that the iPhone and iPad not only share the same OS but also a lot of the hardware and capabilities, it comes as no surprise the iPad is many times jokingly referred to as a giant iPhone. And following along those lines, the recent announcement of the new iPad 3 has indirectly confirmed many of the features that were once only rumored to be making their way into the next-generation iPhone i.e. iPhone 5.

New iPad 3 indirectly ‘confirms’ iPhone 5 potential features

So what can we expect from the iPhone 5 now that we’ve had a glimpse of the new iPad 3? For starters, 4G LTE connectivity is now practically a confirmed feature in the upcoming iPhone 5. The same can be said about improved battery life as the recently released iOS 5.1 update has not only helped the new iPad 3 but also fixed complaints about the iPhone 4S. Many tech pundits were worried that as the iPhone became more powerful, it would be affected by the same poor battery life that plagues many high-end Android smartphones.

Next, the A5X chip and its powerful GPU have made the new iPad 3 the most powerful tablet on the market. While we can’t be 100 percent certain the iPhone 5 will have the same A5X chip, you can be certain that it will very similar if not the same.

Lastly, the iPhone 5 will more than likely just be called the ‘New iPhone’. As we’ve seen with the case of the iPad 3, it was announced as the New iPad and there wasn’t a single mention about it being called the iPad 3. This was unlike with the case of the iPad 2 when it launched. The reason behind why Apple has intended to begin naming its products in this manner remain uncertain however speculations suggest that it will help prevent some refreshes from being referred to as incremental upgrades versus major upgrades e.g. when the iPhone 4S was launched as compared to an ‘iPhone 5’, many believed it was an intermediate upgrade only (although that didn’t affect sales eventually).

Do you think we missed out any other features the new iPad 3 brought to the table that would without a doubt be incorporated into the iPhone 5 (sorry, New iPhone) as well? Sound off in the comments below!

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