iPhone 4S Gets Major Battery Life Boost From iOS 5.1

One of the major gripes with the iPhone 4S was its battery life that proved somewhat disappointing when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Apple attempted to correct it with its minor iOS 5.0.1 update but it didn’t completely eliminate the problem.

iPhone 4S battery life improved thanks to iOS 5.1

Now according to the folks over at OS X Daily, the latest iOS 5.1 update vastly improves battery life on iOS devices, in particular the iPhone 4S:

“Every user is going to notice different gains depending on their device usage and general battery health, but overall the improvements seem to be most noticeable on cellular iOS devices, particularly iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 3G models. The assumption is that some of the potential location services issues has been resolved, though its certainly worth mentioning that users of the standard Wi-Fi models and iPod touch also report a nice boost, even if it doesn’t seem to be quite as dramatic (likewise, the original drain problem usually wasn’t as bad either).”

Given that the new iPad 3 comes with iOS 5.1 as a default, it will no doubt enjoy similar battery life advantageous from the software.Since iOS 5.1 will be the default OS on the new iPad, it’s certainly good to hear that the new firmware version brings a substantial improvement to battery management on iOS devices.


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