New Sprint iPad 3 Pops Up Over In Best Buy Inventory

While the new iPad 3 was announced last week and confirmed many of the leaked specs we had been hearing about for some time now (faster processor, Retina Display, 4G LTE), what did get us off-guard was the lack of a Sprint variant.

Sprint iPad 3 hinted by Best Buy inventory leak

Apple declined to comment on whether a Sprint variant would come later on but now the folks over at Engadget have managed to get their hands on what is purportedly a screenshot of Best Buy’s inventory which shows a whole list of new iPad models with Sprint flavor headed our way.

Now the new iPad 3 is LTE capable so given that Sprint’s LTE network is still in its infancy, Sprint may be delaying the rollout of an iPad for its customers until a little later this year.

Sprint began to carry Apple’s iPhone since last fall and was the last of the 3 largest US carriers to get on board the Apple bandwagon.

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