New iPad 3 Pre-Orders Now Only Ship March 19th

Just like every other iOS product when its launched, the huge demand for the new iPad 3 has caused a shortage and as such Apple has pushed the shipping date back.

New iPad 3 pre-orders ship March 19

If you happen to have place a pre-order for the new iPad 3 when the ordering windows was opened, you would have been informed that it would ship on March 16th. However if you decide to place a pre-order today, it will now ship earliest on March 19th.

This of course doesn’t sound so bad but we do expect that date to keep slipping further away as the hype continues to build behind its launch and more consumers try to buy one.

The new iPad 3 was announced a couple of days ago and features a number of improvements over the iPad 2, including an A5X chip, Retina Display, better camera sensor, and 4G LTE.