New iPad 3 Accessories By Case-Mate Unveiled

While it will be a couple more days before the first new iPad 3 units are shipped to customer doorsteps, those waiting for their new iPad to arrive can already begin to make a wishlist of accessories they want in their head.

Case-Mate New iPad 3 accessories announced

Case-Mate for one has gone ahead and announced a couple of accessories for the new iPad 3:

Pop! With Stand ($50) – Featuring a built-in stand that retracts when not in use, it comes in  white/cool grey.

Signature Slim Stand ($90) – Made from real leather and with a magnet notch, it comes in 3 color choices: black, raspberry and grey.

Tuxedo ($60) – Available in black, grey, pink, turquoise and orange, it features a reusable MagicTape that also doubles as a stand.

Stingray Slim Stand ($90) – Featuring a classy embossed leather, it boasts “an eclectic style” and is available in some unique colors like lipstick pink and turquoise.

Barely There ($40) – Enough said.

You can grab any of these new iPad 3 accessories come Case-Mate on March 15.

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