Google Play Store $0.49 Sale Now Includes 6 More Apps

Earlier this week, Google went ahead and updated the Android Market including changing its name to Google Play (called Play Store in your Apps Drawer now).

Google Play Store (Android Market) app sale

In addition to the name change, Google announced a couple of other changes including a daily app sale. To commemorate this, the Play Store even ran a $0.49 sale for a bunch of popular apps. While it is unfortunate that apps like World Of Goo and Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals were only on sale for 48 hours, the Play Store now has 6 new apps added to the $0.49 bargain bin:

Modern Combat 3, Cut The Rope, Colosseum, Froad, Drop7 by Zynga, and Defen-G Astro POP.

Now we don’t have to tell you just how good of a deal this is. So if you’re still looking to score some great deals on the Play Store, here is another chance.

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