iPad 3 & Its Sad, Sad Apple Fans

The iPad 3 launch yesterday was chalked full of suspense due to the months of anticipation in the waiting of Apple’s next generation tablet. And As we found out yesterday, tech pundits in general were right on the dot with rumors this year as the media correctly predicted a faster processor, Retina Display, improved camera and 4G LTE capability.

Those Apple fans saddened by the iPad 3 announcement

However what did blow us away was the extremely powerful GPU and just how good the graphics looked on the iPad 3 (currently just being called the ‘New iPad’ by Apple). In fact, the GPU is so advanced that it is hard to find a rival Android tablet that can match it.

So one would expect that Apple fans were delighted to see the new iPad 3 launch yesterday. The answer to that is a yes and a no. As we’ve seen with all Apple product, the Cupertino-based company remains hush despite all the rumors and doesn’t announce (or even tease) their products until the day of the launch. Even their invitation, which was sent out last week, doesn’t mention the words new iPad or even new tablet. Because of this, there are those poor tablet buyers who would be waltzing into their closest Apple Store and picking up an iPad 2 on the eve of the iPad 3 launch.

The folks over at FWD have gone ahead and dug up a list of tweets by these sad people who just bought the iPad 2 only days befoe the iPad 3 announcement. And as with all Apple products, what hurts the most is that the next generation versions will always be far better, cost exactly the same, and downgrade the price of the current tablet by a hefty amount. Here are the tweets FWD gathered from those Apple fans saddened by the iPad 3 announcement yesterday: