Apple Follows Coke, Dubs iPad 3 The ‘New iPad’… But Why?

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the iPad 3. However as you must have heard by now, it was just referred to as the ‘new iPad’. Not only did Tim Cook use the term new iPad in his keynote but it was also how it continued to be labeled in the presentation video.

iPad 3 dubbed New iPad… but why?

So why did Apple avoid calling it the iPad 3 (or iPad HD as some source suggested)? There could be many reasons. Read on.

When Apple unveiled the current iPhone as the 4S versus the 5, it created quite a bit of commotion and many thought the 4S was an incremental upgrade. However given that Apple has to date only refreshed its devices annually, it wasn’t an intermediate upgrade but in fact the ‘new iPhone’.

Confusion aside, there is also the issue with the numbers continuing to run for years to come e.g. who wants an iPhone 7 or iPad 14? While we don’t think Apple plans to really call it the ‘New iPad’ like how Coca-Cola dubbed its shortlived drink the New Coke, it may just be called the new iPad or 3rd generation iPad in stores. If anything, Apple doesn’t hang on to old models in stores too long i.e. you can’t buy the original iPad today from stores so all you have to choose between is the new iPad (iPad 3) and old iPad (iPad 2).

What do you think Apple is up to with the new iPad? Are they saving the unveiling of its name for when it is closer to arriving on store shelves or have they dropped the naming nomenclature altogether? And if Apple truly does plan to give the iPad 3 a unique name, what do you think best suits it? iPad 3, iPad HD, iPad 2S? Sound off in the comments below.

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