Apple ‘Pulls An iPhone 4S’ With New iPad 3, Problem?

Earlier today, Apple went ahead and unveiled the ‘New iPad.’ Now the reason why you will be seeing a lot of tech blogs just refer to the next-generation Apple tablet as the new iPad versus calling it the iPad 3, is because Apple never shared the name of the tablet at the event.

New iPad 3 announcement reminiscent of iPhone 4 – 4S refresh

Instead we were treated to a tablet that looked almost identical to the iPad 2 but boasted a faster processor and surfing speeds, along with a HD Retina Display.

Given that the major upgrades were under the hood, journalists were treated with the same feeling we got last fall when we were expecting something completely new but ended up with an iPhone 4S that could easily be mistaken for the iPhone 4 at first glance. It wasn’t as ‘magical’ as we were hoping (aside from Siri) but while the 4S was shunned right after the announcement, it became the most popular selling iPhone model of all time.

Are we expecting something too much from Apple everytime they refresh their products? The new iPad boasts a Retina display, 4G LTE, beefed up A5X dual-core processor and quad-core graphics, which brings it up to par with the best Android tablets unveiled at MWC 2012 last week. Apple sold 15.4 million iPads in the last quarter so they certainly have a winner in the their hands. With these upgrades, the new iPad a.k.a iPad 3 will without a doubt continue to rack in huge sales numbers and reign the tablet market.

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