iPad 3 dubbed ‘iPad Touch’ as Senseg’s Feel technology hinted inside

The iPad 3 event in San Francisco is now so close we can taste it. We’re already in San Francisco at the moment and will be counting down the hours before the doors of Yerba Center are opened to the media who are invited to the Apple event.

iPad 3 may feature Senseg Feel technology

Now in the eleventh hour of the launch of the iPad 3, we’ve already come across rumors that the next-generation Apple tablet may be dubbed iPad HD as it will purportedly incorporate a HD Retina Display. Well if you looks really closely at the Apple invitation that was sent out, it only had a few words to say:

“We have something you really have to see. And touch”

The “see” has no doubt to do with the HD display. However the “touch” is still open to suggestion. The folks over at Pocket-Lint think that it refers to the Feel technology that Senseg showcased at MWC 2012 recently.

So why does PL think Senseg and its Feel technology have anything to do with the iPad 3? According to PL, when they confronted Senseg with the claims, they responded by saying that, “We won’t be making any statements until after Apple’s announcement.” PL points out that the timing was just too obvious to be anything else as they asked Senseg a direct question regarding the iPad 3 launch tomorrow.

Now if you’re late to the party and are unsure what this Feel technology actually is, it is an evolved form of haptic feedback which makes you feel anything from ridges to ups and downs using clever measurements. What this means is that it can make you feel different surfaces (e.g rough and smooth) when you glide your hands over the screen. It is indeed new technology and we have yet to see it applied to a product as mainstream as the iPad.

While word on the street hints that the next-gen iPad may be called the iPad HD, we wouldn’t rule out ‘iPad Touch’ just yet.