iPad 2 Price Plummets On Eve Of iPad 3 Launch

With the iPad 3 now less than 24 hours away from launch, it comes as no surprise that third party retailers are scurrying to clear stock of the iPad 2 in order to make room for the next-generation tablet.

iPad 2 price plummets on eve of iPad 3 event

Late last month, we reported that retailers like Best Buy had already started with the price drops by slashing $50 off all iPad 2 models. Now that was a couple of weeks ago when the release date of the iPad 3 was only known to retailers. However with the iPad 3 (or iPad HD if you believe some rumors) is confirmed to launch tomorrow, retailers need to up their bargains in order to clear stock.

The folks over at Future Shop for one have slashed the price of all iPad 2 WiFi+3G models by a whopping $150. Here are the new price points:

Apple 16GB iPad 2 With Wi-Fi & 3G – Black or White – $499.95
Apple 32GB iPad 2 With Wi-Fi & 3G – Black or White – $599.95
Apple 64GB iPad 2 With Wi-Fi & 3G – Black or White – $699.95

Who wants to guess that Future shop has already placed their order for the iPad 3?