Upcoming Verizon Phones: DROID Fighter Lands March 12 [AC]

We’ve been hearing about a smartphone called the Verizon DROID Fighter ever since some leaked VZW documents showed it listed alongside the LG Cayman. Now the folks over at AndroidCommunity believe they have a release date for this mystery DROID phone:

“The most we’ve seen of it thus far is a listing in internal Verizon documents, but today, we know a little more. The DROID Fighter appears to be scheduled for release on April 12th.”

Upcoming Verizon phones: DROID Fighter

Now the DROID branding has been used on Motorola, HTC and Samsung devices so it is difficult to tell exactly who is behind this one. However as AC points out, given that we know absolutely nothing about it , it could mean two things – either it is no big deal or Big Red has gotten better at keeping their phones under wraps until the official announcement.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. What are your guesses on what the DROID Fighter could be?

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