Amazon Appstore Finally Lets You Disable Notifications

While we do love the the Amazon Appstore and its daily free app of the day, there are some annoyances with how it is setup.

Amazon Appstore lets you disable notifications

In particular, the constant notifications which plague your pull-down tray area. Now the good news is that the Amazon Appstore has been updated and it allows for you to disable notifications completely!

So if you have the Amazon Appstore app and are tired of the various update notifications, get this update now. And yes, we do realize the irony in the fact that we are thankful for the prompt to update the app so that we can now disable notifications.

Amazon free Android app today is: NoteCalendar

On a side note, the free Amazon app of the day is NoteCalendar which lets you save your notes and memos to an easy-to-read calendar and code them with five different colors.