Samsung Galaxy Nexus Impregnated [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is without a doubt a beautifully designed smartphone. Boasting a humungous display, processing power and 4G LTE radios however, it does consume quite a bit of juice and will likely find you running to the charger during the day after heavy usage.

Now the folks over at Mugen have introduced a beastly 4,00mAh extended battery. While it isn’t as ugly as what Seido recently introduced, it does look like your Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been impregnated.

Ugliness aside, it does boast a little kickstand which is a useful feature. As we have said about other extended battery covers in the past, there appears to be no way around getting past it looking like two phones glued together and we always suggest that having a replaceable battery in your wallet for a quick swap is a better idea (unless someone can figure out how the 9mm thin DROID RAZR MAXX managed to pack a 3,00mAh battery in it).

The Mugen Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery will be available for purchase in a few days directly from Mugen’s website.

Mugen impregnates the Samsung Galaxy Nexus