Bendable Screen Edge To Replace Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Bezel? [PIC]

Samsung has always been known to be on the cutting edge when it comes to screen technology. Back in 2010, Samsung showed us a prototype flexible display that would be capable of bending so tight that it could be worn around your wrist. Now that technology is set to go into productions and head to phones in 2012, writes Richard Windsor a senior technology analyst at Normura Group.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S4) to go bezel-less and feature foldable screen?

According to the source, the display is unbreakable and further optimize the “the exceptionally thin form factor”. What this also means is that we will see the end of bezels given that the display could wrap around the edges as in the render below.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to launch this year,  one would expect Samsung to unveil such display technology with their flagship smartphone. However given that the displays are now only going into production, there is also the odd chance that we won’t see it in stores until the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out.

Whatever it may be, it is great to always see manufacturers push the boundary of design and introduce new technology.


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