[OFFICIAL] Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Over 2 Months Away

After the disappointing news from Samsung that they weren’t planning on showcasing the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 at the Mobile World Congress event in February, many fans were hoping that it would only be a few weeks away. Well rumors of a near launch have now been put to rest.

Samsung: Galaxy S3 launch not in March either

Samsung has gone ahead and officially dismissed rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would launch in April. According to the tweet by Samsung, April launch reports were false and that the company would inform the world of the official date once it was picked.

With March now only kicking off and April out of the question, we are a good two months away from seeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. This comes as an even bigger upset to US customers who as seen in the past with the S2, will have to wait an additional 6 months after the official launch for the carrier variants to roll out.

So even if Samsung does launch the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May, we are looking at an October release. That’s a long time to hold out.


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