iPad 3: Steve Jobs Said No To 7″ Tablet But Not 7.75″

With the iPad 3 now expected to be unveiled in less than week, more details are beginning to surface regarding what we could expect from the next-generation Apple tablet.

Apple considering a mini iPad 3?

DigiTimes now reports that the factories in Apple’s supply chain have started “delivering samples of a 7.85-inch iPads for verification.” Given that one of the fastest selling Android tablets on the market is the Amazon Kindle Fire, a cheap 7-inch tablet, it may come as no surprise that Apple may be exploring this segment.

It was not long ago that ex-Apple founder Steve Jobs stated that 7-inch tablets would be DOA (dead on arrival). Would he have felt any different about 7.85-inch tablets then? While we will never know, what is certain is that Tim Cook is at the helm now and the bottom line is supply and demand. If there is a growing market for smaller tablets in 2012 then it is only natural for Apple to add one to their lineup.

We’ll be at the iPad 3 event on March 7 in San Francisco so stay tuned for more details next week!

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