What’s The Coolest Thing Your Android Phone Can Do

Earlier this week, we posted a story asking our iPhone readers what were the coolest things their phones could do. We found some pretty impressive answers from those with jailbroken iPhones and so thought why don’t we ask our Android readers the same question.

What’s the coolest thing your Android phone can do?

Now let’s start off with the basics. For one you can share any type of file over Bluetooth. And if you happen to love classic games, you can install game emulators and even hook up external game controllers like a PS3 remote via Bluetooth.

We’ve also heard many readers do amazing things with apps like TeamViewer which lets you control your home PC from anywhere, while some pretty devious things with WiFiKill like kicking all other users of a public WiFi network.

Tell us what amazing things you manage to get your Android phone to do and how in the comments below!

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