AT&T Moving All Unlimited Data Plan Users To Tiered On April 13th?

We’ve seen AT&T come under heavy fire recently when word broke out that they were throttling unlimited data plan users from as early as 2GB per month. This was further escalated when one such customer was awarded $850 in small claims court over this action by AT&T, hence opening the floodgate to more potential suits.

AT&T to move unlimited data plan users over to tiered plans on April 13?

Now a post is brewing over on Reddit which hints that AT&T may be moving users who have an unlimited data plan over to tiered data. This is what Reddit user “YupYesYeah” had to say:

“As the title states, I just got off the phone with an AT&T rep over a billing issue and was told that all unlimited plans will be gone after April 13th and that my plan was going to be changed to one of the current data plan options at that time. I asked when I was supposed to be receiving notification of this and his response was that notification was going out this week, and that if I hadn’t received a letter/text/e-mail already that I should by week’s end.”

“I asked him to clarify that despite being grandfathered in off my original unlimited data plan (from an iPhone 3g contract) that it would force me to change to a different plan and was told that it would. Needless to say I was not happy to hear this, but between being at work and having sorted out the billing issue I had to end the call and could not try and get more of an explanation.”

“Now, I’m not trying to spread false rumors but I’d like to know if anyone else has heard anything about this or if my rep was an idiot. 4/13/12 (a Friday) seems to be an arbitrary day. I don’t believe it lines up with my billing cycle, or any other significant dates and googling more about this doesn’t seem to give any results. So I’m inclined to think this means they were wrong, or were talking about something else somehow.”

If AT&T truly decides to move unlimited data plan customers over to tiered data plans then according to the agreement, users will be allowed to terminate their contracts “with no early termination fees”.

Are you an AT&T unlimited data plan subscriber? If so have you received any information from AT&T suggesting such a move? Sound off in the comments below.

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