Seido Bumps Samsung Galaxy Nexus Up To 3,800mAh (7,600mAh For Past Buyers)

Earlier this year, we reported on Seido’s attempt to deliver longer usage for Samsung Galaxy Nexus users. This was accomplished by an 3,800mAh extended battery that appeared like an abnormal growth out of the back of your Galaxy Nexus.

Seido releases Samsung Galaxy Nexus extended battery with NFC

Unfortunately it didn’t play well with NFC. Now Seido has attempted to rectify it by adding an NFC chip on their own. The good news for buyers of the old Seido case is that you can now upgrade to the new one for $20. However if you didn’t buy one the first time around, you will need to look towards plunking out $75. Here is Seido’s statement:

“Thank you for your interest in our newest release: Innocell 3800mAh Extended Life Battery with NFC. If you have purchased our battery without NFC (near field communication) prior to February 29, 2012, you are eligible to purchase a new battery at a discounted rate.”

“1) For only $20 plus shipping and handling, we will send out another battery that has NFC built-into it. (This battery dimension has not changed and you can continue using your current battery door). Feel free to keep your current battery and use it as a spare. You will not need to return your original battery to us!”

So we’re looking at a whopping 7,600mAh worth of power to lug around if you decide to keep both cases with you at all times. Sounds good to us.