iPad 3: Why You Should Buy It From Best Buy & Not Apple Store

With the iPad 3 now expected to be announced on March 7th and hit stores as fast as one week after the unveiling, many buyers are already gathering their funds for the next-generation Apple tablet, while we see an influx of used iPad 2s hit sites like eBay and CraigsList.

Best place to buy iPad 3 may be Best Buy this time

While we always suggested going with the Apple Store when it came to getting your hands on newly launched Apple products, the folks over at Best Buy appear to be making some changes to their return policy that will make them the favorable option.

According to TUAW, next week we will see Best Buy increase their return window from 14-days to 30-days for all products in store. Currently, Best Buy only gives a 14-day return window for laptops and tablets like the MacBook Air and iPad 2.

With the Apple Store offering only 14 days, Best Buy will be the better option especially if you wish to spend some extra time with the iPad 3 ans see if it is worthwhile. Furthermore, with the iPad 2 currently on sale at Best Buy, you could even decide to get one now and then return it when the iPad 3 is readily available. In this time you could sync it with your iTunes so when your iPad 3 is available, you could just restore it from a backup and you’re good to go!

Amazon offers a similar 30-day return window but its process isn’t as simple as walking into a store and returning the item.