Sprint HTC One X With 4G LTE & Stock Android 4.0 ICS Tipped

At the Mobile World Congress event earlier this week, HTC unveiled its latest flagship, the HTC One X. At the time, it was stated that it would be making its way over to the US and land on AT&T. However it now looks like HTC won’t be keeping it exclusive and we could see it on Sprint soon enough.

T-Mobile & Sprint HTC One X tipped

According to the folks over at AndroidAndMe, the “the HTC One X smartphone will launch on Sprint and T-Mobile this summer. Like AT&T’s variant, Sprint’s version will also use the dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with integrated LTE. T-Mobile will go with the quad-core Tegra 3 processor that supports HSPA+, similar to the global version of the device.”

A&M goes on to speculate that its name is still unknown but word on the street suggests the EVO LTE, EVO HD, and EVO 3. As for T-Mobile it will likely be called the G4x (successor to the G2x by LG). A&M ends by suggesting that it will come with stock Android 4.0T-Mobile will call their version the G4x and it will offer stock Android 4.0 (no HTC Sense) and should be made official at CTIA this May.