iPad 3 To Start At $579, iPad 2 Will Continue To Sit At $499 & Stay In Production(Rumor)

While the iPad 3 has been making waves the past month as reports started to pop up suggesting a March launch date, this is the first time we have seen rumors of a new price point for the upcoming Apple tablet.

iPad 3 to bring price hike, iPad 2 sit at current price point

MacRumors has pointed to a Sina Weibo user who has purportedly posted the new price structure of Apple tablets (see below). Now we’re not sure why a Chinese source has details of the US prices of the upcoming iPad 3 and iPad 2 after the 3 has launched, so we would take this leak with a grain of salt.

According to the leak, the iPad 3 will deviate from its $499 base and start at $579. Simultaneously, we also see that the iPad 2 won’t take a price cut in Apple Stores and instead remain at $499.

Given that Best Buy has already lowered the price tag of the iPad 2 to $450 in anticipation of the new iPad, we’re not going to think too much into this leak.

[Via: MacRumors]