Verizon: Free Samsung Galaxy Nexus Promo (Update)

Late into the weekend, news broke out that Verizon Wireless was running a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus promo. The information came to light when a reader posted the email he received from Big Red detailing the promotion.

Free Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus promo not for everyone

Well it now looks like there is some bad news for those hoping to get their hands on a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus. According to the folks over at Droid-Life, the promotion is only for selected regions and customers.

So if you were busy calling up Verizon customer service to get in on the deal and were hitting a brick wall, don’t bother trying further as it won’t get you anywhere.

No word yet on what the selected criteria is when it comes to choosing customers so even if someone in your region managed to snag the deal, it doesn’t make it possible in any way for you (unless you received that golden email as well).

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