Mario Bros Graveyard Clone Game Hits Android Market (Free)

While it isn’t the end of the week yet and time for us to review the latest Android games to hit the market, we couldn’t pass up on this one. At first we were hoping for a little bit of nostalgia and those warm, fuzzy memories of sitting in front of an NES all day, but Dead Arcade ended up being more than that.

Dead Arcade: Mario Bros Graveyard clone hits Android Market

As the developer describes, Dead Arcade is “horror-themed clone of Mario Bros, the 1984 arcade classic”. In the games you will fight zombies, werewolves, flying monkeys, creepy twins, yetis, fireballs and ghosts!

The game features over 20 levels and while it didn’t work our Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the developer stated that it hasn’t been tested on many smartphones yet and they are working on it. We give it the green light on the Nexus One and you will enjoy this game whether you are a fan of Mario Bros or not.

Dead Arcade is now available on the Android Market for free.

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