If This Is The iPhone 5 Then You Better Bring Eggs To The Launch [PICS]

While the iPad 3 is capturing headlines with word that its release may now only be weeks away, the top selling iOS device of all time, the iPhone, is still in the back of everybody’s mind despite there being no chance it will release anytime before the summer.

KIRF iPhone 5 doesn’t blend but will cook

Now we’ve seen numerous iPhone 5 concepts before including some KIRF iPhone 5 units floating around Shenzen and purportedly based on blueprints stolen from Foxconn factories in China, but this one certainly takes the cake. What you see pictured below is iPhone branded stoves. That’s right, gas stoves.

681 of these iPhone branded gas stoves were recently seized by the plice in Wuhan, each sporting the “Apple China Limited” branding alongside. These are unfortunately single burner stoves and not dual burner (sorry, core) like the iPhone 4S.

Rumors suggest the iPhone 5 may launch sometime this summer or be held back until the fall following the new launch cycle we saw with the iPhone 4S.


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