HTC Android 4.0 ICS Phones Now For Pre-Order (One X, S & V)

Only hours after HTC went ahead and officially revealed three of its latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phones at MWC 2012 have the folks over at Clove put the devices up for pre-order.

HTC One X, S & V Android 4.0 phones now for pre-order

The online retailer has listed their price (contract free), full specs and an expected release date:

HTC One V: The most compact of the trio, the One V boasts a 3.7″ display, 1GHz Processor, and 4GB of internal storage, It is priced at £220.00 without VAT (around US$345).

HTC One S: Next up is the HTC One S that is expected to launch April 5th and will be available in the US via T-Mobile. It is priced at £375.00 (around US$600 sans VAT).

HTC One X: Last up is the grandaddy HTC One X that boasts a quad-core processor (however the AT&T variant gors with a dual-core processor and LTE radios). It is price at £410 without VAT (around $650). On a side note, the dual-core Snaprdragon that will reportedly take place of the quad-cores in the AT&T variant is more powerful.

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