Rovio: Fun “Non-Angry Birds Based” Game Coming In Few Months

While Rovio continues to cash in big with its Angry Birds franchise, the Finnish company is now working on an entirely fresh new game.

Rovio announced new game in the works, not an Angry Birds sequel

With a new Angry Birds-based game is coming next month, Angry Birds Space, the company has revealed that a new “non-Angry Birds” game will be released sometime this year:

“It will be out in a couple months,” Hed said in an interview in his office in Espoo, Finland. “The focus, Hed said, is on making sure that the company continues to create products that are just plain fun.”

In addition to creating its own games, Rovio is also looking into become a publisher for other other games given the strong ties it has already built with the Angry Birds franchise.