Apple Forced To Stop iCloud Push Service After Motorola Wins Injunction In Germany

Apple has gone ahead and officially announced that it was forced to shut down its iCloud push service after a successful Motorola bid for an injunction in Germany over data pushing technology.

Apple iCloud push service halted in Germany after Motorola injunction

The statement was posted on Apple’s German website and explained briefly what the injunction entailed. In addition to the alert, Apple also stated some possible workarounds until this issue was ‘rectified’.

In addition to affecting push mail, this issue will also stop the syncing of calendars and contacts for MobileMe until users alter certain device settings. No word yet on whether Apple will play ball with Motorola and have this rectified immediately or if iPhone and iPad users in Germany will need to take action themselves to get it working.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Have a great weekend ahead!


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