Reasons Why Even An Android Fan Would Pick iPhone [BGR]

We’ve seen the iPhone vs Android battle reach all new heights over the past few years as both platforms reach almost equal marketshare. So it also comes as no surprise just how dedicated both iPhone and Android fans are to their respective platforms. Now BGR’s Dan Graziano tries to put a fresh perspective on the whole iPhone vs Android comparison, pointing out exactly what reasons would have him pick the iPhone over Android after using both platforms.

iPhone vs Android: Where Android phones suffer

While this is a touchy subject and he know he may end up being branded an ‘iSheep’, he did make some strong arguments that even we found hard to ignore. Here are some of the points he highlighted that I do agree with:

Buyer’s remorse – Graziano points out that Android phone manufacturers are continuously trying to one-up other Android smartphone makers and for that reason release newer devices at a faster rate. Take for instance the Motorola DROID RAZR which was followed by the RAZR MAXX only two months later, and then shortly by a special Developer Edition. With devices releasing so quickly, buyer remorse is more than common no matter how well you research your purchase. In the case of the iPhone, you know the next upgrade will be a year away, and even at that point you can be guaranteed to get the updated iOS that releases with the new device. That brings us to the next point.

Updates – With roughly only 1 percent of Android smartphones in the world currently sitting on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, not only will the latest Android devices like the Motorola DROID RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S2 be sitting on the sidelines for months to come as they wait for the update but many phones that were released less than a year ago will not be getting the update at all. Having to successfully pick an Android smartphone with the hopes of getting the next major update is almost impossible unless you go with the latest Nexus device (and we say latest as the Nexus One is not eligible for Android 4.0).

Hit the source link for all the reasons why Graziano would suggest the iPhone over Android.


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