Samsung Galaxy Note “II” Gets BT Approval, Arrive Later This Year?

While the Samsung Galaxy Note only just landed on AT&T, it has been on the international market for many months now. As was the case with the Samsung Galaxy S2 which only arrived in the US 8 months after its international debut, Galaxy Note owners may soon find rumors of a successor hitting the blogosphere.

Samsung Galaxy Note II spotted getting Bluetooth approval?

The latest comes way of SIG (a Bluetooth Special Interest Group) which shows that a Samsung Mobile Tablet identified as the GT-N8000 getting approval. Now as Electronista points out, “the N8000 is believed to be the follow-on product to the Galaxy Note, which reached US shores earlier this month.”

Unfortunately not much is known about this Samsung Galaxy Note “II” however judging by the current model on the market, we can expect a large display once again. Given that Samsung recently demonstrated its 4Gb chip as well as its quad-core Exynos processors, we can expect upgrades along this line to make its way into the Samsung Galaxy Note. Other possibilities include an upgraded display (Samsung always has new display technologies to unveil every couple of months) and will likely come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops but don’t expect it to happen at the Mobile World Congress event next week as it may be too soon.

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