New ASUS Eee Tablet May Have iPad 3 Rumored Retina Display Beat [VIDEO]

With the Mobile World Congress event now right around the corner, more details are beginning to spill as to what new gadgets we may see at the tradeshow in Barcelona, Spain.

New ASUS Android tablet to beat iPad 3 Retina Display?

The latest comes way of ASUS who have teased an upcoming Android tablet that may just beat the iPad 3 to the market with a high-resolution Retina Display. The teaser video shows a box filled with colored spheres that represent pixels, followed by the same setup but with a greater number of spheres that are smaller in size. The tagline utilized is “Eager to see more detail? Twice the detail, twice the fun.”

Now this without a doubt refers to the screen resolution so if ASUS is looking to doubling the screen resolution of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (1280×800) then we are looking at a 2560×1600 resolution display. This works out to 298.9 PPI which outdoes the rumored 261.22 PPI on the iPad 3.

Now we’ve already seen a leaked ASUS tablet roaming around the Web with the model number ‘TF300T’ so this could very well be it and we may see its official announcement at MWC 2012 this week. We’ll be at the event so stay tuned!

New ASUS Eee Pad with high-resolution display teased

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