What Microsoft Office For iPad Looks Like [LEAKED PICS]

Ever since the original iPad was released close to two years ago, we’ve been hearing rumors of the entire Microsoft Office Suite coming to the tablet. While this would no doubt increase the adoption of the iPad with corporates, it would propel the Apple tablet further into the educational system as well.

Microsoft Office for iPad pictures leaked

Now for the first time ever there may actually be visual proof of a working prototype of Microsoft Office for iPad. The pictures come courtesy of TheDaily and were further pointed out to be genuine by the folks over at TechCrunch.

Unfortunately there is nothing much that can be said from the leaked pictures below however the source who got a chance to see the demo mentioned that it allows for the creation and editing of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files both locally and online.

Furthermore, in the brief time the source had with the demo app on the iPad, they fond it resembled the current OneNote app in many ways but had touches of the Metro UI.

The Microsoft Office for iPad app will supposedly be submitted to the App Store for approval shortly so we will soon find out. As for an Android version, the source say that it is currently “not in the works”.