Carrier Confirms Plans To Have Samsung Galaxy S3 In Stores This July

With the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus continuing to sell well here in the US, carriers are not seeing an uproar from customers over when the Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch. The situation however is quite different over in South Africa where local carrier MTN is being grilled for not releasing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus just yet.

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date pegged for July 2012 (CellC)

Now MTN has gone ahead and issued a statement confirming that it won’t be carrying the Samsung Galaxy Nexus but instead going with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3:

“MTN has ranged the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung [Galaxy] S3 as alternatives to the Samsung Nexus, as we believe they provide greater benefits to customers,” said Mike Fairon, head of product development and innovation and development at MTN.

While MTN avoided any questions as to when they expect the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 to arrive in stores, hinting that it was up to the manufacturer, other carriers in South Africa have joined in with more accurate dates. MyBroadband reports:

“Cell C said that they are hoping to have the SGS3 available in stores by July 2012 and that pricing will be confirmed at a later stage.”

So we may now have a launch window as to when we can expect the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to be made available. As for getting it at subsidized rates through US carriers, we can expect that at a later date.


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