iPhone 5 Sticking With Successful Fall Debut Cycle, 8 Months Of Hell Coming (Rumor)

While the iPad 3 is clouding the rumor airwaves with its impending launch on March 7th purportedly, there are still whispers of the iPhone 5 seeping through. The latest comes way of Macotakara, a Japanese blog which has a strong track record when it comes to Apple rumors.

iPhone 5 release date scheduled for fall 2012 (rumor)

This time around, Macotakara cites a “reliable source,” stating that the iPhone 5 will debut somewhere between September and October, following the new release cycle set by the iPhone 4S. According to the source, Apple plans to keep with this cycle “for years.”

Given that the launch of the iPhone 4S closer to the holiday season paid off in a big way as the Cupertino-based company shattered sales records, it comes as no surprise that they wish to repeat it.

Consequently, given that iPhone 5 rumors have already kicked off and the launch is now supposedly only in September or October, prepare for 8 months of hell as the rumor mill takes our hopes on a roller-coaster ride.

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