Motorbike Daredevil Rides On Snowy Mountain Top [VIDEO]

While it does take a fair deal of courage to ride a motorcross bike, one that’s tuned for performance and stripped of unnecessary baggage like safety, what does motorbike daredevil attempted is at a whole new level, literally.

Motorbike daredevil rides across snowy mountain ridgeline

The video below isn’t for the faint of heart nor those who have a fear of heights. Let us walk you through it. A motorcross rider took to the snowy mountain ridgelines for some insane mountain riding. And judging by how he was completely unnerved by the task, we have to say that he has done it before or might have a parachute tucked in back there.

Riding on what is without a doubt a singletrack trail on a very high mountain top where any small mistake could result in grievous bodily harm, or even death, the rider recorded the footage in what appears to be via a helmet cam. Saying that we are impressed is an understatement.

According to the uploader of the video, these mountains are located somewhere in Colorado. Well enough chatter, check out the awesome video below and props go out to 87mcmahan87 for pulling it off.

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