BMW & Toyota Diesel Engine Deal No Longer Unconfirmed Chatter

If you’ve been following our coverage of the BMW and Toyota engine deal rumor that had spread across the Web like wildfire before the weekend arrived, then you will be familiar with the details. Well it looks like all that floating chatter is now official.

BMW and Toyota Europe diesel engine deal now official

A memorandum has been signed between the BMW and Toyota which will see BMW supply Toyota Europe with their 1.6L and 2.0L diesel engines in 2014:

“It is a great joy and a thrill to enter into this mid-to-long-term collaborative relationship with BMW, a company with its own culture and history from its many years of car manufacturing in Europe, and a company that makes cars that are fun to drive. In the spirit of contributing to furthering the development of the auto industry and society, both companies will bring their wide-ranging knowledge-starting with that concerning environmental technologies-to the table and make ever-better cars,” stated Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s president.

Norber Reithofer, BMW’s Chairman of the Board of Management, further drove home the point with his own statement: “Toyota is the leading provider of environment-friendly series technology in the volume segment and the BMW Group is the most innovative and sustainable manufacturer of premium automobiles. We are now joining forces to further develop environment-friendly technologies and to expand our innovation leadership in each of our segments.”

This deal will also cover future collaborative research into new green technologies such as lithium-ion batteries.

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