Why Was The 2010 Brisbane Motor Show Really Postponed?

Last year the Brisbane Motor Show was cancelled due to the global financial crisis. This year it seems like it has been postponed. The reason is, according to Expertise Events Managing Director Gary Fitz-Roy, the exhibitor didn’t finish their model line-ups for this year.

But inside sources say that the hidden problem is that the car producers are not willing to support more than one motor show per year, in Australia. This was the reason why two big events, Sydney and Melbourne Motor Shows, merged to one Australian International Motor Show, taking place alternately in Melbourne and Sydney.

Mr. Fitz-Roy said: “Given the event was launched just over three months ago, deadlines have been tight. With Christmas and the New Year rapidly approaching; a lot of feedback has now been received from the industry regarding the timing of the event in relation to the festive season. We feel that if we ignored this feedback we risk under-delivering on the event as well as going back on our promises to the public. The amended date will allow all parties to deliver on their roles providing a high quality event.”

He also confirmed that the event will run from June 2 to June 6 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.