iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Beef Spills Into The Fall

There’s going to be a bigger and stronger Galaxy Note heading our way in October, reports CNET. Rumors have been hitting the Internet all week of a 5.5-inch, 1680×1050 display becoming the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2 will also feature a faster CPU and more memory than its predecessor.

Apple’s beef with Samsung to spill into the fall with  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & iPhone 5 on  a crash course (rumor)

The blog goes on to speculate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have an Exynos 5240 dual core chip, clocked at 1.7GHz, and it will apparently have 4G LTE connectivity. Its also been said that there may be 1.5GB of RAM, but this is a bit of a let-down compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 that has 2GB RAM.

There’s no official word from Samsung, so it’s not certain. Samsung has had a lot of success with its first Galaxy Note, despite network support being limited – T-Mobile and Verizon are still to confirm if they’ll carry it. Whether the other US networks will pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still to be seen, and obviously Samsung will want to squeeze as much profit as possible from the first Note before launching its successor. Simultaneously, if the Note 2 does launch this October, it’ll have to battle against the iPhone 5, which is also anticipated for that month and will be spread across all carriers with much more hype behind it than the phablet.

Just to remind you; the specs of the original Galaxy Note include a 5.3” HD WXGA Super AMOLED screen, an 800x1280p display, a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, ARM cortex a9 CPU and an 8MP camera with 1920×1080 video at 30 frames per second.

Do you think it is a good idea for Samsung to put the Galaxy Note 2 up against the iPhone 5? We already saw the iPhone 4S beat the Samsung Galaxy S2 in terms of sales despite the latter packing better hardware. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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